jason berry


EMAIL: jason@4orm-studio.com

Jason has been able to mesh his design vision, incredible work ethic and deep understanding of client service with his affable personality and his dedication to doing business the right way.

three of three
  • is a perpetual student of design
  • has a contagious laugh
  • has been called a fashionista


Jason is the creative force that imagines the wow factor of every project into functional reality. He spends 50% of his time listening and understanding his client’s needs and expectations, 50% of his time on the “nuts and bolts” of his projects and the other

50% is devoted to design; he is an over-achiever fueled by talent and Starbucks. His background in product development provides a unique perspective on the importance of cost-effective yet high quality solutions.

lindsay stearns


EMAIL: Lindsay@4orm-studio.com

Design comes naturally to Lindsay. An entrepreneur at the age of six, she found that shining shoes could be a profit center within her family. Now she applies this sensibility and passion at 4orm Studio.

three of three
  • laugh precedes her grand entrances
  • faces every challenge with a smile
  • finds power tools amazing


Lindsay is the Wizard behind the curtain. She finds that researching, learning and discovering new techniques is something that drives her to continuously raise the bar. She manages and coordinates the unsung aspects of every project, from planning to

back-end details through project installation. She brings talent and practicality to her projects by keeping the ball rolling in the background by communicating, organizing and anticipating all the details throughout the project.

david pinson


EMAIL: david@4orm-studio.com

David’s 25 years of experience in office furniture and background in Facilities Management gives him a unique perspective on customer service and client expectations from the viewpoint of the client.

three of three
  • an intense passion for art & music
  • cats — in general
  • ART (it’s all about the art really)


David’s skills and talents have been finely tuned over the years. As part of Global Real Estate Operations Management at GD Searle, his responsibilities included Capital Budget Planning, Laboratory Design & Space Planning. He spent six years in sales & project management with Johnson and

Associates—a certified Steelcase Dealership­—and three years with Office Revolution selling Teknion. David has worked with Spertus Institute, Comer Children’s Hospital @ UOC, Northwestern University, Humana Nationwide & Redbox.

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